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Take Advantage Of Gym Equipment for Home - Read These 9 Tips

Take Advantage Of Gym Equipment for Home - Read These 9 Tips


Home gym workouts

Now you can stay in shape whenever you want without stepping foot in a gym. A tectonic shift has been observed in the past few years. What once used to be accomplished at the gym is being done within close proximity to one's habitat, exemplifying the phrase 'home is where the heart is'. Yes, the home gym landscape has altered our perception of working out. To build a home, birds scatter in search of twigs. Likewise, to build a temple of athleticism, people now flock to flood their houses with workout equipment. The home workout lifestyle is now almost second nature with more of time, less of travel, positively contributing to one’s quality of life. 

From stylish yoga mats to exercise benches and cardio machines, let's take a look at some of the best home gym equipment that constitutes a workout.



Home gym equipment


A Yoga mat is single-handedly the most essential piece of workout equipment needed. It can be used for weightlifting, stretching, HIIT and yoga itself. In most cases than not, yoga mats are fabricated to prevent hands and feet from slipping during exercise. They are easy to transport too, in case of change of exercise location. Making it a staple good, it acts as the best home gym equipment to own. 


10 best home gym equipments


Originally made from surgical tubing, resistance bands come with significant advantages. Resistance bands are increasingly being used as part of physiotherapy or rehabilitation sessions. It is important to note that there are various types of resistance bands based on usage. Bands tend to vary in terms of colour, size, shape, handles, looped vs non-looped. Apart from that, levels of resistance, quality and price need to be considered. Employing resistance bands is a convenient way to help you improve the quality of your workouts if used in the right way.


10 best home gym equipment

Labelled as one of the most versatile home equipment to own, exercise benches fit the bill. One can assemble it with ease, additionally proving to be easily portable and a space-safe option. An exercise bench is easily adaptable for a full-body workout. It can be used with or without weights.


10 best home gym equipment

There is a never ending debate as to what the better choice of workout equipment is; machines or dumbbells. It’s only fair to say that it eventually depends on the user’s comfort. Dumbbells are used for a variety of exercises and makes a strong case for being the best home gym equipmentDumbbells are often used for joint-isolation exercises such as biceps curls, chest flys or shoulder raises contributing to different strength outcomes. 


Best home gym equipment

This piece of gym equipment that stems from Russia involves training the entire body and focuses on endurance, power and dynamic movements.

The momentum of many kettlebell movements creates centrifugal force, focusing more attention on the muscles used for deceleration and stabilisation. This type of multi-directional movement mimics real life movements such as swinging a suitcase to put it in an overhead bin, for example.

Kettlebells are one of the best tools in existence for truly effective, result-achieving, safe, full-body conditioning.


Best gym equipment

Joining the TRX culture automatically means you've taken your training to the next level. Versatility and portability are advocates of the benefits of this gym equipment. One can perform full body exercises according to varying intensity. You can perform chest exercises, back exercises, core and leg exercises. TRX stands for total body resistance exercise that positively helps build muscle and improve stability. 

TREADMILL  Best gym equipment

What makes a treadmill a popular gym equipment is that all aspects of the workout can be controlled by the user such as speed, incline or decline along with the standard surface. Users can also design custom programs to fit the time they want to exercise. Some treadmills offer heart monitors to keep track of your fitness. Expensive ones come with monitors that can be used to watch or read. Consider buying a treadmill only if space isn't an issue in your household. 



best home equipment

Rowing is a recipe for improving endurance, strength, and toning the muscles. It's a low impact way to get your heart pumping. A common misconception circulates about rowing only resulting in an arm workout. Truth be told, it's a full-body workout that uses 86% of your muscles. 


Gym ball

The purpose of an exercise ball is to improve balance, tone muscles and increase core strength. Inexpensive, lightweight and durable are a few words that best describe this gym equipment. 

SportsEquip caters to your every need by providing authentic sports equipment right at your door-step. 

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