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How To Buy the Right Yoga Mat

How To Buy the Right Yoga Mat

Considering yoga has now become a lifestyle for many, it is equally important to consider the equipment related to this ancient discipline. Not only do we now use mats for yoga, but also for home-workouts. Picking the right yoga mat can be a daunting task, especially when presented with countless options as yoga mats are seemingly different. Therefore, making you understand the differences will help us, help you make the right choice. In doing so, 4 important elements need to be kept in mind i.e. thickness, material, texture and price range. 

So let's unroll the information for you.


Benefits of yoga



Level of Thickness

A standard yoga mat is 1/8 inch thick, while the thickest is about 1/4 inch. 


Yoga for beginners


  • Thicker mats, or mats with extra padding are longer lasting and can be easier on the joints, especially if you've had any knee injuries. If you prefer more cushioning, a thicker mat is what you should consider. However, it is harder to balance on thicker mats during standing poses. 

    Yoga mat for beginners


    • Conversely, there are also wafer-thin yoga mats, also known as 'travel yoga mats', that are a mere 1/16 inch thick. These are designed to be easily carried around. However, it is important for those with knee injuries to keep in mind that there is a high likelihood that your knee would brush against the ground during a lunge. 

      Types of Material


      1. PVC 

      PVC yoga mat


      Polyvinyl chloride is a plastic-based material that is one of the most commonly used materials to make yoga mats. It is not biodegradable or as environmental friendly as other options. The mat can become very slippery when wet with sweat, as it is not as absorbent. It is also latex-free, ideal for those with latex allergies. 


      2. TPE 




      Another type of mat that is a human-made blend of plastic and rubber polymers is known as Thermoplastic elastomer. Some of these mats are recyclable and even more environmental-friendly than PVC. However, they are usually less durable than PVC. 


      3. Eco-friendly / Natural mats


      Eco yoga


      If sustainability is your priority then this type of mat proves the right fit. Made from natural things like cotton, rubber and jute, Eco mats aren't as durable as PVC, but offer plenty of traction against your hands and feet. 




      There's a texture to every type, from silky smooth to downright rough. The texture of your yoga mat dictates how much traction it provides, and is important in enhancing the overall comfort. Avoid traditional PVC mats if you want to prevent yourself from slipping. However, if smoothness is what you're looking for, a PVC mat fits the bill. 

      On the other hand, if you indulge in sweaty, vigorous training then a cotton or jute mat's raised tactile pattern will help you stay put no matter what. 


      Price Range


      • Typically, a basic 1/8 inch thick, plain solid-colour PVC sticky yoga mat will be toward the low end of the price range, whereas Eco-friendly mats tend to be towards the high end.
      • Prices entail patterns, designs or logos, premium thickness, antimicrobial treatments and textures and tactile patterns.























      Our promise was to reduce your skepticism about picking the right mat, and we hope we've delivered just that. So get going and make sure you pick the right mat to enhance the overall experience of performing your yoga asanas

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