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The Most Unique Football Stadiums In The World

The Most Unique Football Stadiums In The World


Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium, Switzerland

Best stadium in the world

One thing is for sure, you'd have to have your shooting boots on before entering this pitch. Club sources have said that over 1000 footballs have spiralled over the cliff edge and nose-dived into the valleys. 

''Most of the time the balls travel about 100 metres down the hill - sometimes they're 200 or 300 metres further down,'' says defender, Alfons Brigger.

He further adds, ''Sometimes there are games when you won't lose any balls or maybe one, then there are others when 10 balls go out and before our next training we have to go down there and look for them. It's quite annoying.''

What's even more interesting is that this village is only accessible through cable cars. Nestled away in the Swiss alps, standing at a height of 2000m, this place is home to a population of less than 1000 people.  

Best stadiums

Winters are tough in a location like this with temperatures soaring below -6 degrees. ''It is the most beautiful place you can play football," says FC Gspon defender Diego Abgottspon, who has played here for 18 years.

''You see the mountains, the glaciers, the trees, it is fantastic.''

FC Gspon are an amateur team that play in the Swiss mountain league who proudly call their home ground the highest football stadium in Europe. 

The stadium is named after former German and Bayern Munich manager Ottmar Hitzfeld, who took the ceremonial opening kick-off when it hosted the inaugural European Mountain Village Championship in 2008.

The stadium attracts roughly 40-50 spectators on a nice-sunny day, as opposed to 2 to 3 during the harsh winters when players take on additional roles of having to shovel half a metre of snow.  

Best stadiums

Birds Nest, China 

Birds nest china

The 91,000-seat stadium was designed to incorporate elements of Chinese art and culture. The 300m pound stadium was built for the 2008 Olympic games that were staged in Beijing. After hosting the 2022 Winter Games, the capital of China along with its stadium will soon become the only city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

The innovative structure has been nicknamed the “bird’s nest” due to the web of twisting steel sections that form the roof. The National Stadium’s main structure is an enormous saddle-shaped elliptic steel structure weighing 42,000t. The stadium extends 333m from north to south and 294m from east to west, with a height of 69.2m. 

Focus was majorly given to two things. Firstly, it needed to withstand earthquakes, since it is stationed in the world's most seismic zones. Secondly, to make sure every spectator has a good view, that would consequently result in a better atmosphere. As it integrates both athletics and football, the designers dedicated a sizeable desire to view the athletics finish line and the football centre line, from a fan's point of view.

It took 5 years to build the circular shape of the Beijing Olympic, described as a bird’s nest inspired by Chinese-style crazed pottery.  

Birds nest china stadium


Henningsvaer Idrettslag Stadion, Norway

Most beautiful stadium in the world

Located in the village of Lofoten islands off the coast of Norway, this stadium boasts of its dramatic mountains and peaks, bays, beaches and untouched lands. Henningsvaer is home to less than 25,000 inhabitants. 

Most beautiful stadium in the world

The area connects to the main island via a bridge built in 1983, while safely being surrounded by a breathtaking panorama of a archipelago of 400miles. 

The stadium field was created by levelling the solid rocky layer, with a synthetic mantle and side grids made up of large racks to prevent the ball from ending up in the water. These same racks are also used to dry cod. An ultra-modern lighting system guarantees the perfect amount of light even during the day, which is essential in these areas. Lack of seating at this stadium would eventually act as its only nemesis in experiencing maximum delight at this heavenly chapel of football. 

Henningsvaer stadium


Allianz Arena, Germany

Allianz arena, Germany


The innovative facade with its changing colours added to a hint of modernity is what has football fanatics elated about the Allianz Arena. It became the home of TSV 1860 Munich and Bayern Munich in early 2005. The colour changing facade also tells us which of the two teams is playing. The stadium can potentially accommodate roughly 66 thousand supporters. It also hosted the final of the 2006 FIFA World Cup which was won by the Azzurris. 

The clear-viewing experience added to an immersive atmosphere has made the Allianz a must-visit stadium in recent years, no less a nightmare for opposition fans. 

Allianz stadium best in the world


The Float At Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina bay

What initially was meant to be a temporary stage has manage to stick around, more so in our minds, as this is the world's largest floating stage. Used as a multi-purpose platform, apart from football matches, concerts and other events are hosted here too. The float’s ideal location has helped it gain significance as one of Singapore’s most important event spaces. 

Marina stadium

The floating platform is fixed to the seabed by six pylons and can hold up to 9,000 people. The separate stand, which sits fully on the shore, can hold an approximate 30,000 spectators.

What was initially meant to be a replacement for the Singapore National Stadium, has evidently attracted plenty of attention partly due to the picturesque skyline in the background and as it plays a key part in acting as a seating area for the Singapore Grand Prix. 

Marina bay


Čierny Balog, Slovakia

Cierny balog stadium

Have you ever seen a steam train that divides a football pitch and its stands before? Now you have. The steam train runs along a 17km track, that occasionally passes through and blocks the action on the pitch for supporters. 

The line is believed to be the only railway in the world to pass through the middle of a football stadium. The railway line was built prior to the football pitch. The Cierny Hron Railway was built as a forest railway for logging operations back in 1909. In 1927, passenger traffic was permitted on the railway between Cierny Balog and Hronec.

Cierny Balog was a centre for anti-Nazi Slovak National Uprising during the Second World War, and also a municipality that comprises of 13 villages.  

Cierny balog slovakia stadium

We've been truly mesmerized by the beauty and distinctiveness of each of the stadiums, and hope you have too. SportsEquip caters to your every need by providing authentic sports equipment right at your door-step. 


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