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Here's how India's rewarding its medalist

Here's how India's rewarding its medalist

Incentives have been given the spotlight, as most of our high-achieving athletes pack their bags in the land of the rising sun and return to their beloved motherland. The IOA is giving cash prizes worth Rs 75 lakhs for its gold medalists, Rs 4 lakhs to those who snatch silver and Rs 2.5 lakhs for athletes who bag bronze, resulting in India ranking fifth on the list of countries offering the highest rewards to Olympic winners. Additionally, India’s Railways Ministry has announced up to Rs 30 lakhs for athletes and railway officials participating in the ongoing Tokyo Olympics. 

Free Pizza For Life


Dominos has recently made a promise to deliver our hench athlete free pizza for a lifetime, after she expressed her desire in an NDTV interview to indulge in the  scrumptious Italian cuisine. “First of all, I will go and have a pizza. It has been a long time since I ate it. I will eat a lot today,'' said the silver medalist. A pizza was also sent to her home in the Indian city of Imphal soon after she returned. 

“We are elated that we could share this wonderful moment with Mirabai’s loved ones. She brought a smile to a billion+ faces, our Domino’s Imphal Team brought a small token of appreciation to celebrate the success with her family,” Dominos Indian tweeted. 

Free Movie Tickets

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Inox Leisure, one of the country’s biggest movie theatre operators, has not only offered Olympic winners free tickets for life, but all participating athletes will also be given a year's worth of free tickets. Making it only a matter of time till cinemas open up, where athletes can leisurely treat themselves, and who knows perhaps it could also be one of their biopics they're watching. 


Houses And Cars 


A straightforward offer has been made by Savji Dholakia, a billionaire diamond merchant from India, doled out houses and cars as incentives for India’s Women’s Hockey team after they beat Australia in the semi-finals. In a tweet, Dholakia promised to provide Rs 11 lakhs for each player to build their dream home. He also offered to buy players a car worth Rs 5 lakhs if they won a medal, though we’re not sure if this offer still stands since the team didn’t end up with a podium finish. 


Crypto Currency

 Bitcoin crypto


Crypto has found in roads as an incentive in exchange for an athletes performance at Tokyo 2020. Bitbns, an India-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, is offering systematic investment plans (SIPs) in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to India’s medallists. As per the plan, a gold medalist will get an account of 2lakhs, 1 lakh for silver medalist and 50,000 for a bronze medalist, respectively. 

Though cryptocurrencies are in a legal grey area in Indian markets, they’re still worth the hype, especially when offered as an incentive. 

Bitbns said, 'The amount will be auto-credited to their account, which the athletes can later access by completing the KYC (Know Your Customer) norms. The SIP will be structured for a 3-5 year period, thereby offering them a seamless exposure to the digital asset whilst enabling them earn a fixed source of income in the long term through the platform.'



The incentives are truly limitless. Construction materials are latest on the list to be dished out as a sweet sentiment. Shree Cement, a company that makes the binding substance, has offered free cement for all Olympic winners to build their dream homes. The nuances of it are still unclear but the intentions are what matters the most. 

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