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6 Mistakes People Make at the Gym

6 Mistakes People Make at the Gym

At some point we might’ve all indulged in a few of the ill-fated inhibitions. Being consistent with your workouts is of no use, if you’re not doing the right thing. Identifying those mistakes and quickly rectifying it could help save you time, fasten results and make your workouts more effective. 

Although the mishaps we’ve laid out are minor, if not corrected in time, could compound and prove to be major setbacks. This blog will help right your wrongs, so pay close attention!

Not warming up

6 mistakes to avoid at the gym

Without warming up, you not only risk injury, but also get substantially less from your workout. The answer to this is to simply spend 5-10 mins warming up. Warming up before exercise prepares your cardiovascular system for physical activity, by increasing the blood flow to your muscles, thereby raising the temperature of your body. It also helps lower the risk of getting injured. When muscles are adequately warmed up, the movements, stretches, and strain you put on them during your workout is less severe. Leg bends, leg swings, shoulder/arm circles, jumping jacks and light jogs are some warm up exercises that can be performed. 

Poor form

6 mistakes to avoid making at the gym

Poor form can make your progress painfully slow, consequently leading to more damage than good. Poor form includes using the wrong setup, the wrong muscles, or straining the joints. Not only can proper form lower your risk of injury but it also allows you to move efficiently, increase your performance, and enable you to perform a full range of motion.

Incorrect breathing

Irregular patterns of breathing can destabilise the body and give rise to the possibility of muscle cramping and dizziness. Proper breathing takes time to learn, just like any other physical activity. It means working your diaphragm and core muscles. Allowing your lungs to expand to their greatest volume during proper breathing gives you the ability to perform better. Your muscles need oxygen to work correctly and efficiently, so the more oxygen you can deliver through your circulatory system, the better your muscles can work. 

Lifting too light 

6 mistakes to avoid making at the gym

Placing a decent amount of stress on the muscle causes micro-tears in the muscle fibres. The body then responds by repairing the muscle fibres and making them larger. Lifting light weights wouldn't lead to enough micro tears. Likewise, if you're not challenging yourself and putting a generous amount of strain on your muscles then working out won't be of much use.

Lifting too heavy

6 mistakes to avoid making at the gym

Results take time to materialise. Expecting massive results instantly by lifting heavy weights can lead to muscle, joint damage and loss of interest. As with any exercise or fitness program, you should begin slowly. Over time, you'll be able to better predict what you can do without endangering your body. The goal of any workout should be to work your muscles to the point of fatigue, no matter how much weight you're lifting. 

Poor diet / nutrition

6 mistakes to avoid making at the gym


Exercise and nutrition complement each other. Poor diet can lead to difficulty in reaching your peak or getting the most out of your workouts, since the body isn't being properly supported. With regard to diet keep this in mind :-

  1. Sync your exercise activity according to your intended calorie intake. Ensure you're keeping track of your calories to reach your goals. 

  2. Exercise triggers brain cells to consume food in order to recover. In such a scenario, it is imperative to supplement your body with the right diet and not the wrong one.

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“Focusing solely on isolation exercises can limit your progress. Incorporate compound movements like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses for overall strength.”

sheelapandi sekar calendar_today
Jumping straight into intense workouts without warming up can strain your muscles and joints. A proper warm-up increases blood flow and prepares your body for exercise, reducing the risk of injury.

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